miscommunication as a plot device makes me angry

if you just talked to each other but no

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I am so incredibly excited for these 2015 novels! They have beautiful covers and look very promising! Which 2015 books are you excited for?

Happy reading!

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I hate second hand embarrassment in books
because like in movies you can just block your ears until it’s over
but in books you have to suffer through it.

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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels


I’ve spent about half an hour laughing at these. Some particular favourites:

The Spectres, Or, Lord Oswald And Lady Rosa, Including An Account Of The Marchioness Of Cevetti Who Was Basely Consigned To A Dungeon Beneath Her Castle By Her Eldest Son, Whose Cruel Avarice Plunged Him Into The Commission Of The Worst Of Crimes, That Stains The Annals Of The Human Race

Love And Madness. A Story Too True. In A Series Of Letters Between Parties Whose Names Would Perhaps Be Mentioned Were They Less Well Known Or Less Lamented.

Married Life; Or, Faults On All Sides.

It Was Me, A Tale By Me, One Who Cares For Nothing Or Nobody.

Hesitation; Or, To Marry, Or, Not To Marry?

The History Of A Dog. Written By Himself, And Published By A Gentleman Of His Acquaintance. Translated From The French.

The Charms Of Dandyism; Or Living In Style. By Olivia Moreland, Chief Of The Female Dandies.

Actually all of them are splendid. Go read!

My favorite: “I Can’t Afford It And Other Tales”. Apparently, young adult life in the eighteenth century wasn’t THAT different. Hah!

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Mmmmm, yum. Old book smell <3

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Books & Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge
August Day 29: Water Book Cover

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